How to Win a DACH client?

Do you work with German-speaking clients? We believe that you are looking for the best ways to deal with every customer and provide him/her with the service of the highest quality.

How to achieve this? Well, there is a set of factors that you need to keep in mind to meet your clients’ expectations. To begin with, you should talk in the language of a client. This is the first and foremost thing that Dr. Siegfried Isele (Managing Director/CEO at Bilateral Consulting) recommends every business to focus on. According to Dr. Isele, you can provide the highest quality service to your client if you are driving the session.

What is DACH Market?

To begin with, let’s make it clear what countries make up the DACH market. These are three German-speaking countries:

  • Germany (D)
  • Austria (A)
  • Switzerland (CH)
Now, what do you know about the countries making up the DACH market?

Each of these three countries has a strong economy, a well-established manufacturing industry, and a strong SME market.

The DACH market is the fastest growing IT market in Europe.

Working with people from a different culture requires an understanding of business practices and etiquette in that culture. People from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are accurate and hate running late. So, when dealing with a client from a DACH market, you need to do this with precision.

People in these three regions prefer contracts and written agreements of all types.

There is a tendency of people and companies in German-speaking countries to give preference to long-term relationships. So, if you can win a DACH client and bring the expected quality, you can expect this client engagement to last for several projects or forever.

How to Get a DACH Client?

Your client doesn’t know about your diplomas, companies where you worked, etc. Everything that matters is how you manage to handle a particular issue that your client has faced and how well you can serve your client during communication. This can be done through the constant improvement of your knowledge, day by day. Only when you learn something new and get new skills you can stand on the level that your client expects. Talking only about old stuff is strange. This will hardly meet your client’s expectations. Attending remote lectures at least once per year will help you to be ahead of schedule.

Be straight with what you can do. Be authentic. Otherwise, your client will feel it in the very first minute of your communication.

When working with a German client, be ready that he or she will express his thought or feeling about your service directly. On the contrary, Swiss people are friendly and not as direct as in Germany. When offering something to a client from Switzerland, you can get ‘Maybe’ as an answer. ‘Maybe’ means ‘No’ to Swiss people. Please mind it during communication with a client.

People from the DACH market take punctuality very seriously for business and social meetings. They expect you to do the same. So, if you have agreed to start a video call at 10 AM, don’t be late. Only when you have a good reason you are excused when being late. Your client is a busy person who has a small slot in his schedule for a conversation. When you are late for a meeting, you reduce the time that you could spend talking to a client.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Mind the latest GDPR demands when dealing with clients from Europe. When a client learns that you work according to GDPR principles and keep his or her data protected, then it’s more likely that a client will work with you, thus bringing more revenue and financial rewards to your company.

These are the major things that Dr. Siegfried Isele recommends to keep in mind when working with a DACH client. Focusing on them, you get a win-win plan on how to be successful in the German-language market.

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